Welcome to Fit Minded!

Fit Minded is a women’s “book club” that promotes physical activity and wellness.

That’s right—a book club! Not an exercise group. Not a weight loss program. It’s essentially a book club in which members read and discuss books or magazines or listen to podcasts about health and quality of life.

Fit Minded is a program that empowers you to take charge of your health by learning about yourself and cultivating your self-worth. It’s a “book club” in which you read/listen to inspiring and informative books or podcasts and then discuss them online with your peers. Group meetings are facilitated by a health and wellness expert.

If you know you need to be active but haven’t been able to get started or stay active on your own, Fit Minded will change your mind about physical activity.


Fit Minded is a program that was started by Physical Activity and Health Promotion expert Dr. Jennifer Huberty at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Dr. Huberty now facilitates Fit Minded from Phoenix, Arizona. In early 2014, Dr. Huberty announced that Fit Minded was growing and that past participants of the program could now conduct their own sessions from their living room, workplace or favorite coffee shop.

If you live in an area that is hosting a book club (currently Phoenix), you’re welcome to come in person to participate in the actual book club meetings. 
However, Fit Minded is also available to women nation-wide, through Fit Minded online!

 These sessions are offered periodically so check our website or email us @ fitmindedwellness@gmail.com

No matter how you join the book club, each week you’ll be asked to read a portion of a book or magazine, or listen to podcast, and do some thinking and writing about what you’ve read. You will also consult your Fit Minded workbook that contains reflective activities such as goal setting and barrier busting. Members may wear a pedometer or other physical activity tracking device and start monitoring their physical activity levels. A blog, discussion board, and support pages are available as well.

In short, you can interact with Fit Minded when, where, and how it’s convenient for you. 

We welcome Fit Minded women from across the globe. All materials and meetings are in English.

Isn’t it time to turn the page to a more active you? Join Today!


Jennifer Huberty

Jennifer Huberty, PhD, Founder of Fit Minded is an Associate professor of Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University. Her research interests include physical activity adherence and lifestyle behavior change in women and children. More recently, her research has been focused in special populations such as pregnant women and blood cancer patients exploring complementary approaches, such as yoga and meditation, as mechanisms to improve physical and mental health. She has been funded over $3 million in grants from entities including National Institutes of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF Foundation for her research, and has published over 105 manuscripts related to her research.

Dr. Huberty lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, Rodger, sons Greyson and Nolan, and their rescue dog Dodger. She enjoys hiking in her free time and is a dedicated yoga practitioner.


Dr. Meg Bruening

Meg Bruening is a Registered Dietitian and Assistant Professor in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion at Arizona State University. In her research, she works with families, youth and communities to promote healthy eating and to create healthy food environments. She has experience in community and clinical nutrition, motivational interviewing, and health behavior change. Through small changes in nutrition, activity, and self-compassion, she believes women can make great improvements in their health.