Helpful Reminders


Barriers to physical activity will provide constant challenges.

Be sure to identify what these barriers are before you begin your program, and plan for them accordingly.

Don’t forget to be Fit Minded

Continually remind yourself of the benefits of physical activity and positive impact it has on your life.

Do activities you enjoy

Identify activities that you enjoy doing to help you maintain your physical activity program. Your program should include cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility.

It’s all about baby steps

Start slowly and gradually increase your frequency, intensity, time and type.

You are worth it

The benefits to maintaining a physical activity program include all dimensions of self-worth.

Set goals

Set both short-term and long-term goals. Avoid setting goals related to your weight or physical appearance. Instead think about setting goals related to how many days per week you would like to be physically active, the duration of a certain activity, or maybe the number of fun runs/walks you want to participate in every year.

Have a support system

Maintain a supportive environment with friends and family to set yourself up for success.

Give yourself some credit

Reward yourself early and often. After you have achieved your first week’s goal, go see a movie or do something you will truly appreciate. Be sure to continue this reward process through the program.

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