Getting Started with Physical Activity

crop_gettingstarted_womanTOOLS TO GETTING STARTED

This section of the online workbook contains information about some tools that can help you get started with physical activity.

Please read through this section of the online workbook and visit the Tools and Support sections of the Fit Minded website to familiarize yourself with how to use these tools.


To lead a healthy lifestyle, you should begin by focusing on becoming physically active.

To become physically active, you should participate in cardiovascular exercise as well as resistance training and flexibility. Our online workout card will easily help you design your daily workouts.

Read through the Get Active section of the online workbook to learn about cardiovascular fitness, resistance training, and flexibility. Then, fill out the workout card. Fill out a new card each week.

Next step

Ensure your safety and efficiency when participating in a physical activity program; read these Tips for Being Active.