Sample Workout: Circuit Training


Circuit training is considered one of the most efficient modes of accomplishing a full workout in a short amount of time, regardless of fitness level.

It can have several purposes. Circuits can be designed to develop muscular strength/ endurance or cardiovascular fitness. Decide the goal of your circuit before choosing your exercises.

For example, you can set up a timed circuit in which you do agility drills, like quick step ups and jumping jacks, a repetition circuit in which you perform resistance exercises for a particular number of reps, or a combination of both (i.e., an interval circuit).

After completing your warm-up, set up 5-10 stations that include a balance of exercises in which you move forward and back (e.g., a forward lunge) and side to side (e.g., a jumping jack), in which you twist (e.g., Russian twist), and in which two or more of these movements are combined (e.g. bicycle crunch – includes forward/back and twist). Perform each exercise for about a minute or 8-12 repetitions, and move to the next station.

You can do the entire circuit once or multiple times. Cool down and stretch when you’ve finished the circuit.

Circuits are a great way to get your heart pumping and build muscle strength/endurance in a short amount of time. But, remember – circuits aren’t the ONLY type of workout you should do during the week. Don’t forget to cross train.


(Body weight only)

  1. Station 1 – Walking lunge (60 sec)
  2. Station 2 – Renegade Row (60 sec)
  3. Station 3 – Ball Squat (60 sec)
  4. Station 4 – Wood chop (10 reps each side)
  5. Station 5 – Step Up’s (12 reps each leg)
  6. Station 6 – Monster Walk (band) (Across the room forward, across the room backwards)
  7. Station 7 – Pushups (60 sec)
  8. Station 8 – I’s Y’s, T’s (12 reps)


Use the space below to create your own circuit workout.

Try to make your workout consist of 5-10 exercises. Write down the goal of your workout to guide your exercise choices. Check out the Support page on the Fit Minded website for more circuit workouts.



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