Lower Body Cool Down


Standing hamstring stretch

From a standing position, extend your right leg out with your heel on the floor. Keeping your back straightened, hinge at your hips as you bend through your left leg.

Sit back into your left heel in order to keep your knee behind your toes. Focus on lengthening through the entire leg from your heel to your SITS bones.

Hinge farther and sit your hips back further to intensify the stretch.

Hold 20-30 seconds. Repeat with your left leg.


Stand by a wall. Grab the wall with your right hand. Bend your right knee. Move your left foot towards your gluteals. Grab your left foot with your hand.

Hold for 20 seconds. Turn around and repeat on other side.

If you are unable to stand and balance, lie on the ground on your side. Pull your foot towards your gluteals and hold for 20-30 seconds.

Calf stretch

Stand by a wall. Stand with your feet 12-16 inches from the wall.

Place your left toes three inches up from the floor on the wall. Slowly move your body weight towards the wall until you feel pressure in your calf.

Hold for 20- 30 seconds and repeat with other leg.

ACSM 2009

Gluteal stretch

Lie on the floor on your back. Perform either Option 1 or 2.

Hold stretch for 20- 30 seconds.
Option 1:

Cross your right leg over your left leg just above your knee. Clasp your hands behind your left leg above knee and pull it towards your chest, stretching the right leg. Rest your shoulder blades on the floor while performing this stretch. Repeat with your left leg.
Option 2:

Keep your left leg fully extended on the floor. Cradle your lower right leg in both arms, bringing your left hand around your foot and right hand around your knee. Draw your right knee towards your left shoulder. Repeat with your left leg.

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