The positive effects of physical activity.


Daily events that prevent us from becoming physically active and staying physically active throughout our lifetimes.


The extent to which the patient continues the agreed-upon mode of treatment under limited supervision when faced with conflicting demands, as distinguished from compliance or maintenance. In Fit Minded, adherence refers to your ability to maintain health behaviors, specifically physical activity despite barriers and life events.

Cross training

Refers to adding in different activities into your weekly workout routine.

Dynamic stretching

Form of stretching that uses your momentum to warm up. This stretch is not held at the end position.


A planned, structured session of physical activity.


The number of times that you are physically active per week.


How easy or difficult the activity is for you.

Interval training

Alternates high intensity exercise with lower intensity exercise.

Lifestyle activity

Refers to physical activity that is a part of your everyday life. For example; taking the stairs, parking farther away from your destination, etc.

Muscular endurance

How many repetitions a particular muscle can do or how long a static contraction is helped by a muscle.

Muscular strength maximum effort

How much weight a particular muscle can lift in one repetition.


A small iPod shuffle-size battery-operated device that tracks the number of steps you take when you are performing a physical activity, or during your daily activities at work or home.

Physical activity

Any human bodily movement.


One complete movement of a certain strength training exercise.

Resistance training

Use different types of resistance to develop strong muscles and improve overall fitness.


The confidence an individual has in his or her ability to complete a specific behavior, such as physical activity.


The value you have in yourself.


The number of times you complete a movement of repetitions consecutively during a strength training exercise.

Static stretching

A simple muscle stretch that goes just to the point of mild tension. This stretch is held for several seconds without movement.


A slow gradual movement that places a slight tension on a specific muscle in order to increase flexibility.

Social support

Support given by significant others, brothers, sisters, children, friends, partners and even coworkers to help you achieve your goals by continuing to be physically active on a regular basis.


Refers to the duration of physical activity participation and will depend on your current level of fitness.


Refers to the mode of physical activity, such as biking, swimming, mowing, running, or gardening.

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