Stay Active


In order to get active and stay active, we may need to change our way of thinking about physical activity.

During the previous section you gained the necessary knowledge to help you participate in activity safely, to help you monitor your activity, and to keep you interested in being active.

Now that you know the basics of F.I.T.T. principles, cardiovascular fitness, resistance training, and flexibility you’re ready to learn how to use this knowledge for YOU.

What does this section cover?

The following section will provide you with tools to help you become Fit Minded. Staying active is not always easy, so learning more about yourself and physical activity’s place in your life is essential. On the following web pages you will have opportunities to explore:

  1. Tips for staying active
    Tips to help you do higher intensity workouts, to get active at home, to help you set goals and more.
  2. Stay Motivated
    The positive impacts of being active and staying motivated.
  3. Change it Up
    Overcoming plateaus by changing up your workout routine.
  4. Benefits of Being Active
    Learn why physical activity is important, and make a list of your own personal benefits to physical activity.
  5. Avoid Excuses
    Overcoming physical activity barriers.
  6. Strategies for Action
    Create the right strategy to to get active and stay active.
  7. Time Management
    How to manage your time and make room for physical activity.
  8. Beat Boredom
    Changing up your routine can not only keep you motivated and interested, it can help boost your fitness level.

And don’t forget to access the website for continued support and resources for your journey to maintain physical activity.

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