Time Management

crop_commonbarrier_1A COMMON BARRIER

Time is one of the most common barriers to physical activity reported by women.

Fit Minded provides us skills to identify our barriers and to overcome them. For the barrier of time, it may be best to take a serious and detailed look at how we spend our time each day.

The reason we may feel we have so little time is because we try to take on too much. Because we schedule hair appointments, doctor’s appointments, business meetings and everything else, we seem to have no time for physical activity.

However, physical activity needs to be a priority just as all the other commitments we prioritize and schedule in our day.

  • Start by breaking your day into sections (morning, work, evening).
  • Then, under each section list time by hour, half hour or every 15 minutes, depending on how often activity normally changes in your day (example: during work, you may sit at a desk most of the day, so you only need to look at what you are doing every hour).
  • Don’t forget to make a flow chart for your weekend.
  • Compare your schedule with your friends and family members, who support you and want to exercise with you, to see where you can exercise together.

Remember, you can accumulate activity throughout the day by being active 10 minutes or more at a time, so track your time for every ten minutes if that works best for you.

If your weekdays are usually the same, you may need to make only one flow chart for Monday through Friday.

However, if your weekdays vary from day to day, you may need to fill out one for every day of the week.


Where Can You Fit In Activity?

Here are examples of how you can fit physical activity into your schedule.

  • Going to bed earlier will help me get up early. Walking and/or yoga in the morning for 30 minutes will start the day off right!
  • Walking during my son’s soccer practice.
  • Taking stretching breaks at my office desk.

Evaluation: Where can I fit in activity?

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