The weekly Fit Minded meetings are the heart and soul of the program.

When women get together to learn and support one another, we can accomplish anything.

The program consists of approximately 16 meetings over 4 months. Meetings are held once a week for the first half of the program, then once every other week for the remainder of the program.

Depending on the membership level you have chosen, you have selected limited or full access to meetings. We encourage you to participate as much and as often as possible. Please familiarize yourself with this section of the website and learn how to make the meetings work best for you.

We’re so happy you’ve joined us.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for all of your Fit Minded meetings.

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This Week

This week’s meeting, homework and resources.

Media Archive

Missed a session? Or just want to give it another listen?

You can access them all here.


If you live in or near Phoenix, you may be taking part in person in our live book club meetings.

Access meeting locations and maps to ensure that you can easily find us.

Session Schedules

Planning Fit Minded into your upcoming schedule will help ensure that you make the most of your membership.

We encourage you to take the time to enter the following meetings into your planner. Set a reminder alarm so you won’t forget a meeting.

Please note that all meetings are held on Mountain Standard time and that meetings may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.


Learn more about what Fit Minded has in store for you in the weeks ahead.