Fit Minded tools are the things we use in addition to the weekly meetings to stay motivated and on track.


The Workbook was designed to be used in conjunction with topics discussed in the meeting or alongside the podcasts. This workbook is a valuable resource and is meant to help you on your journey to being more physically active. It is meant to be interactive. The activities are meant to help you reflect, in your own words, ways to fit more physical activity into your lifestyle. There are many opportunities within this workbook to engage in learning about strategies to change your physical activity levels. All you have to do is complete the activities.

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We highly recommend these podcasts to keep you motivated and sticking to your goals. Listen to them while you drive, cook, or whatever!

Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker is a place for you to set activity goals and record your daily and weekly step counts. Research shows that measuring activity helps people achieve their goals.


The Blog is authored by the Fit Minded team. As we integrate new books and research into the program, we’ll tell you about them on the blog. We’ll also address common barriers and share successes. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our RSS feed, and don’t forget to post comments when you have something to say.

Discussion Board

The Fit Minded Discussion Board is a place where you can connect with other Fit Minded members and discuss various topics in relation to physical activity and wellness.